Monday, September 04, 2006

Day 7: Saturday, August 12 (Paris)

Mid-morning we said a tearful good-bye to London and boarded the Eurostar. A quick 2 and a half hours later and we were in Paris.

We took the Metro to the Marais neighborhood and our new home for a week...

Studio Picasso! Literally next door to the Picasso Museum, this studio apartment was in the perfect location and let us pretend to be authentic Parisians for a week.

The Marais:

After doing a bit of exploring, we discovered the delightful Salle Au L'etage and warmed up on French Onion soup.

Pictures weren't allowed of the inside and it was way too stormy outside so I have nothing to show for it, but Saturday night we went to the 'Crazy Horse,' an authentic Paris cabaret. It was a high-class, totally topless, over-the-top stage performance. Imagine a very sophsticated Vegas nightclub act, in French. We had a ball and topped off the night with champagne and creme brulee at a nearby cafe.

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