Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer Begins

When we bought this house two years ago I hated the fact that it had a pool.  I know, I know, first world problems.  But, pools are expensive.  And a lot of work.  And dangerous with little kids.  The kids finally took swim lessons last summer and that (combined with wanting to be able to keep up with Ruby in the pool), flipped a switch in Norah's brain and she went from being a big, giant chicken to being awesome.  This summer it is like we have a whole different kid.  She flies down the slide, dives for rings, and does cannonballs like nobody's business.  Since school has been out she spends every second I let her in the pool.  Louis is still a maniac but we make him use a puddle jumper so it's working out okay.  They love to pee in the grass and skinny dip in the evening.  We are pure class around here.

My favorite part is when they get out and snuggle down in my lap wrapped in towels.  They call it the "mama warmer."

She's not happy when I make her get out.

Along with swimming, Norah has been really into art.  She's doing a week long art camp later this summer which we are both really excited for.  She has a drawing pad in the car and will doodle and draw--not just pictures but just different variations of shapes and colors.  She was concerned because she was drawing what was in her brain but it "did not look like anything."  I explained to her the concept of abstract art and ever since then it has been game on.

These two.  Thick as thieves and nothing but trouble.

We spend lots and lots of time in the driveway with chalk.

Which necessitate lots and lots of baths.

We had a Memorial Day pool party, which was a big success.  Sweet baby Axel and Camilla hung out.  Had some pool and paci time.

Louie is such a big kid these days.  He's still super high maintenance, hates 99% of all foods, and can throw a tantrum like no other.  But he also tells the best dirty jokes.  I tucked him into bed tonight and he whispered, "I love you mom.  Did you know the toilet is like the garbage truck and my poop is like the garbage?"

Ruby gets here in a little over two weeks.  We are not excited about it or anything.

Lou is upset because his poop broke apart when he flushed.  Lou's day is dominated by poop.

This is what happens when I agree to his request for "privacy in the bathroom."  That would be the hand towel.

The week before school was over Norah had her end of the year ballet recital.  She was very graceful and confident.  Bubby and the S's were also very patient and kind and sat through a 2+ hour show where she was on stage for about 2.5 minutes.  That's true love.

We had a swim play date with some of Norah's school friends at the neighborhood pool and she was by far one of the strongest swimmers.  Which was super cool.

Lots of love around here.

Kiki came into town for a week and I did not get a single picture, which seems ridiculous.  She came to hang out right before defending her dissertation.  Which happened today.  Successfully! We shall now call her Dr. Kiki.  We had a celebration for her which involved--wait for it--more pool time.  We bought an inflatable Orca whale, which Norah calls "The Orcer."  She then named it Ellie.

Norah had big plans for Kiki time.

We went to a birthday party and did some gymnastics.  Norah really wants to do gymnastics.  I cannot seem to get it together enough to sign her up.  I think maybe subconsciously I don't trust her not to break a bone.

Again, these two.  They kill me.

Summer time means cousin time.  Norah got to spend the whole day with M and T the other day. It was officially the "best day ever."

We recently discovered the joy that is Menchie's Frozen Yogurt.  Lots of dairy free for me and a ton of gluten free for Norah.  If it didn't require that I actually put kids in the car we would go a lot more.  Car seats are my least favorite thing of all times in the Texas summer.  Pure misery for all involved.

Every once in a while I catch these two in a moment.  Be still my heart.

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