Thursday, February 06, 2014

Polar Vortex and Other Goings On

Like in many parts of the country, the weather here lately has been bananas.  It is 70 degrees one day, 30 the next, and so forth.  Everyone has been sick because of the temperature fluctuations and the fact that the cedar count has been out of control.  Norah has had a cough since Christmas so I finally took her to the doctor.  Bronchitis and sinus infection.  Sorry, kid.  School has been cancelled twice for ice and today was another two hour delay.  Last week we were stuck inside several days because it was so.damn.cold.

And then over the weekend it was scooter and shorts weather.

We had planned to have a bunch of people over for Super Bowl Sunday but Saturday night I either caught some kind of bug or got food poisoning (I think the latter because no one else got sick).  I was down and down hard.  For the majority of the day on Sunday I literally could not lift my head off my pillow.  I took a shower at some point and fell asleep for an hour just to recover from the exertion.  Lou tried to be sympathetic and helpful.

He wasn't really, but he was cute.

On top off all the bad weather days, this week was complicated even further by the fact that the school district had faculty development days Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Thank goodness for Childcare by Bubby most days and a job where I could do an ad hoc "bring your daughter to work day."  Norah happily sat in on meetings and calls and played on the ipad while I got a million things done.  You can't tell from this photo but she is wearing sparkly blue eye shadow, lots of pink blush, and a very fancy dress.  She made quite an impression.

Three days off school also meant a trip to the dentist.  One patient got an A+ and the other about a C-. Norah was thrilled to learn she has several "wiggly" teeth and the dentist guaranteed she'd lose one at least one before her sixth birthday.  The dentist was very pleased to hear about Operation No More Paci and reassured me that Lou's jacked up mouth should realign a bit soon and his permanent teeth should not be effected.  Neither had a cavity.  It surprised me a little bit about Lou because most days I pretty much have to tackle and pin him down in order to brush his teeth.

I took off one day of "vacation" and Louie played hooky as well so that we could go to the movies and see The Nut Job.  This was Lou's first theater experience and he did great.  Norah is an old pro and would literally watch anything I took her to, but Lou likes the freedom of walking around.  He did get really antsy at one point and wanted to walk up and down the stairs in the theater but that problem was quickly solved by a $4 box of m&m's.  He happily sat in my lap the rest of the film.  And yes, he wears that damn jersey every day.

I love the bistro table we have in the kitchen but the chairs are high and lately Lou has taken to attempting feats of acrobatics.  He's nearly cracked his skull about 700 times in the past week alone.  A friend is moving and getting rid of a lot of her really nice furniture so I snatched this guy up for a steal.  I worked late last night and BVZ reported that at one point Lou was on top of the actual table.  At least it's closer to the ground.

Louie's class does a lot of crafts and often involve photos of the kids.  Most of the stuff goes immediately into the recycling (sorry, Lou) but the photo ones are definite keepers.  They made these in honor of all of the cold weather.  I died laughing.

This was my favorite from the holidays (now permanently on the fridge).

And that's all for now.

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Maryellen said...

Your posts are always entertaining from start to finish but my favorite part from this one is the fact that Norah wore makeup and a fancy dress to your office. That's awesome!! I want to start living more like Norah. She would probably be appalled that I'm currently wearing a grey t-shirt and a black hoody...Booorrrriiingg. I think the hoody is the reason I got "Nick from the New Girl" when I took that quiz. Well and maybe it was also my answer to what I do when I have a problem...d-r-i-n-k.