Friday, October 21, 2011

Pumpkin Festival

Every year we go to the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival. It's kind of surprising how much I love it, especially considering it involves a ton of traffic, massive crowds, and some questionable street food...all things that normally I would shun. But, there is also a ton of live music, beer drinking on the street, and every pumpkin flavored food you could possibly ever want. I love it. Plus, I love taking our picture on the giant 1,700 lb pumpkin and seeing how our family changes from year to year.

I was super bummed that we weren't there this year for the festival, especially given the fact that Louis has never been. Sigh. I was so bummed that when our friends the H's invited us to the Elgin Pumpkin Festival, we readily accepted even though it was predicted to be 95 degrees. Let's just say it was hot. And dusty. Did I mention how hot it was? There was so pumpkin crusted mac and cheese, no pumpkin micro brew, no live music. There were, however, lots of tractors. And a lady selling gatorade out of a ice chest. Sigh.

We met up with the H's and some of their friends. Sorry this picture is so small. If you look closely you will see 8 lawyers. In one picture. There's got to be a bad joke in there somewhere. Also, a lot of cute kids, including newborn Wallis. She's tiny and perfect.

Here's a rare family pic.

One of the highlights was that a giant tractor trailer hauled people around the farm (it's actually a Christmas tree farm). Lou was such a sport, especially considering the fact I had dressed him in a long sleeve black shirt.

There was some face painting.

And a sheep dog demonstration. That was legitimately pretty cool. Those sheep are wussies.

I sent this picture to Amy and she said I looked like one of the Real Housewives. That's the look I was going for.

You could buy a pumpkin and paint it.

There may not have been beer, but there was good company. It may have been hot and dusty but Norah LOVED it. I am grateful she is the kind of kid who is impressed by just about anything.

We'll totally go back next year.

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Kristin said...

Norah's got this "I'm holding in water to spit in yo' face" look in photos these days. Looks like fun. We'll just have to get you one of those hats with a fan on it. Plus a mister.