Sunday, September 28, 2008

Three Months Old!

Believe it or not, Norah is a quarter of a year old! She has changed so much this past month and every day becomes less blob, more little person. She has the head control of a 6 month old and is 'this' close to rolling over. She spends most of her day smiling and laughing and has recently discovered how to kick stuff with her feet. She still hates the car seat and wails like a police siren if she is in it too long. She has an entourage for the dreaded seat: the cow Pancho, the duck Duckie, and the bunny Beatrice. She is growing out of all her clothes and is just shy of 14 lbs. She won't hold still enough for me to measure her height, but based on how her clothes are fitting, I would suspect she is up inches or more. She still loves the swing, could care less about the bouncy seat, and is digging her purple chair more and more every day. She is finally getting on some semblance of a schedule and is up usually only once in those wee morning hours. She wakes up each morning with the cutest smile ever seen. She is a bit of a trickster and when she wants to be picked up sticks our her lower lip farther than one would think possible. Right before she cries she gets what Trevor calls her 'yoda face.' She now cries real tears, which will break your heart every time. She is unbelieveably alert and is fascinated by the world around her. She officially has more hair then her dad. We love her desparately.

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on the verge said...

I think she just gets cuter and cuter with each passing month. I love the pink smoking-jacket-style outfit she has on -- go diva!