Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Go Niners!

BVZ could possibly be considered the biggest spoiled brat ever because thanks to his mama (and her connected friend), he got hooked up with season tickets to the San Francisco 49'ers for his 33rd birthday. He was at trial in Delaware for the first game of the season, so OUR first game was Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks.

San Franciscans take their tailgating very seriously. We thought we were doing good with some sausages, chips and guacamole, and beers. Little did we know we were missing a generator, tent, and full roasted pig. We'll do better next week.

BVZ was most excited to get into the stadium!

The incredible view from our seats right on the 50 yard line:

The half-time show:

The game may not have been the most exciting (and the offense couldn't make a play to save their lives), but it was an excellent beginning to what promises to be a fantastic season.

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