Sunday, July 29, 2007

San Diego, July 2007

Amy and Mark were both down in Southern California for work, so BVZ and I hopped on a quick flight down to see them. The weekend went by way too fast. When we first got there we went on a bit of a nature hike down to the sea. The way down to the water required some skillful navigating of slippery rocks. Amy, Mark, and their friend Dylan took on the adventure, while BVZ and I were satisfied watching them from above...

We had lunch and wandered down the docks at Pacific Beach. We found the boys a local pub, and Amy and I got the chance to do a little shopping.

Amy and Mark treated us to a wonderful dinner at the Ocean Room. Here is a bad picture of a lovely smoked salmon appetizer:

We did a little gaslamp district bar hopping until Amy and Mark's friend Dylan convinced us to go to karaoke at the Ramada Inn. Oh yes, it is as bad as it sounds.....

Sunday morning we went to a great brunch at a local place down by the ocean.

We then spent the better part of a beautiful Sunday afternoon basking in the sun. Amy and I were the only brave ones and we went swimming in the freezing cold Pacific.

After some great Indian food we had to go home. Bummer.

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Uncle Joe said...

Hey HERBS! Very nice trip to Portland. Back East we call it OR-A-GONE not ARE-A-GIN like you back-country yokels say it. I love reading about all the good food you encounter. It makes me hungry. But hey, you should have noted that your blog is N.S.F.W. (not safe for work).

If you like a good brunch, our favorite is Norma's in Le Parker Maridian Hotel on 118 W 57th St. It will knock your socks off!