Sunday, May 06, 2007


The newest member of the family! Loretta Lynn GVZ! She is a sweet 3 month old grey and calico kitten. So far we know she loves her feather toy, has found a nemesis in the tall lamp, and purrs like a motor boat when she gets a satisfactory head-rub. She has claimed the sunroom as her own:

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Hey there Grimey, nice blog! I just love the new casa. I like your couch, is it Domain? Is that a greenhouse? Make sure your friends from Piedmont High doesn't try to sprout any contraband that would be unbecoming of an Officer of the Court.

I love how your W.C. has a sign that says, "Toilet" over the toilet. I bet that is to stop said Piedmonties from pissing in your sink. Let me know if it works, I have my doubts.

I will have to come back to revisit this site when I am not at work so that I can look at all your pictures from France and crack jokes about each one, for example, I will surely say something like, "But did you happen to see the GUMMY venus de milo?"

Again, congratulations on the purchase of your first home. Look me up next time you are taking a deposition in New York.